Patrons of Acre will already be aware that it’s home to a small menagerie of peacocks, who like to frequent the Acre restaurant area, sashaying along with a reverence that only a peacock can pull off. The very fact that free-roaming, somewhat tame peacocks are to be found in the middle of the Baja only adds to the allure of Acre. In fact, that’s downright endearing, wouldn’t you agree?

Introducing The Peacock Family

In no particular order of importance, our family of peacocks includes the boys: Chucky, Fausto, Skinny Pete, Manny and Alfonso. The peahens (or the girls) are Jasper and Catalina.


You might find yourself running into Chucky in the restaurant. Chucky enjoys nothing more than a meander through the adoring crowds, peering around himself in his full glory. Perhaps you’ll know you’ve met Chucky if you notice the scar on his face or the gentle ‘click’ noise he makes as he walks. The noise comes from his right dew claw catching on his left one every time he takes a step. He’s fully accepted his idiosyncrasy and if you pay close attention, you’ll notice a gentle pause in between each stride as he delicately extricates one claw from the other. Ah, if only we could all be a little more like Chucky.


Fausto is another handsome devil. Consider him the ‘meeter and greeter’ as he typically likes to take pride of place perched on top of the tree that stands tall at the entrance to the Acre development. It should come as no surprise then, to understand why he was our new diner Fausto’s namesake. On occasion, all the peacocks will gather together in the morning, perfectly lined up, as if they’re doing their own private yoga class. How’s that for community spirit?

Fascinating Peacock Facts

Male peacocks are the lucky ones – you’ll know who they are as they have the more vivid, beautiful blue, green feathers. The females (peahens) faces are a beautiful brown and cream, with delicate features, instantly giving away their gender and making their visage more akin to a turkey hen. Peacocks shed their beautiful feathers in Summer, so Acre becomes a bit of a feather treasure trove during the hotter months (as if you needed a reason to come visit – now you have yet another one!). Luckily, their spectacular plumage regrows in due course. Male peacocks like to fan their feathers into a dome-shape, then cause them to vibrate, creating a frequency of sorts and a very distinct ‘Prrrrr’ noise. What’s the purpose of this? We’ve come to the conclusion that it’s multi-purpose: attracting the females, one-upping their peers or possibly staking their claim on their favorite spot on the property.

Social By Acre

While not considered altogether tame, one might say that the Acre peacocks are social. They have no qualms about dropping by when you’re having a poolside chat. If you don’t mind them, then they certainly don’t mind you. Peacocks can fly higher than you might think. A recent treehouse guest remarked how much he enjoyed his daily visits from the peacocks, who would fly up to his balcony to say hello. Rumor has it, that Chucky has been making a point of appearing on the top of the Villas – perhaps he’s just drinking in that view!

Me, Myself & I

Due to the constant congregating at the famous ‘selfie mirror’ by the visitors AND the peacocks, the general consensus is that peacocks may err on the side of vanity. The jury is out as to what the allure is, but there’s something entirely mesmerizing about that mirror that keeps them coming back for more. We believe our resident peacocks add to the delight that is Acre. How many times in your life will you get the opportunity to be side-by-side with one of these beautiful birds? And there’s no doubt that we could all take a few life lessons from these magical animals.